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Organism found at SRS amazes scientific world

Its story began a couple of years ago, when scientists fished a strange slime off a probe used to examine decades-old, high-level nuclear waste inside tanks stored at Savannah River Site.

"At first, nobody was sure what it was," said Christopher "Kitt" Bagwell, a senior scientist at the top-secret Savannah River National Laboratory.

Turns out, the greenish-orange slime was alive.

Can we say, Military Applications? Super soldiers? Super crops?
That is, if they figure out how this thing does what it does.
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things I find on the net

Austrian prison that offers 5-star accommodations:

It's a frickin prison! the stuff there is probably better than anything the inmates have had, I thought they are being punished!

Gravity Train - Get anywhere in the world in 42minutes
(Not yet a reality, but in concept, it could be feasible)
Note: regardless of where to where you are going, it is always 42 minutes. DA was right, 42!

Can you save the bunny?

Desktop Tower Defense
Can you beat my scores?

When it asks for the Group put in 424 so we can compare scores.
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NIN - Year Zero

Apparently, after RIAA giving crap to fans for having released/leaked NIN songs on their websites, note, these were released by NIN themselves, NIN has uploaded the entire new album to their website, for anyone to listen.

Listen to Year Zero link top right
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