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What a way to start the day

My train just hit a car at Harlem Ave.

It was some sort of SUV. They either went around the crossing gates or were stuck on the track.
We didn't even feel it. We heard the train blow it's horn, then start to slow down. Then I noticed something big out the side window going by very close, and heard a crunch. I guess it had spun back into the side of the train.

I was in the front of the train, and they made us walk to the back to get off and be ready to board another train. The SUV was on it's right side, and he front and back were crushed. Some of the other passengers on the train saw a persons hand waving in the SUV as emergency vehicles arrived, so it appeared they were ok.

Another fun day reverse commuting.

Article here: http://www.nbc5.com/news/4028749/detail.html

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