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Picking at nails... - My Razored Flesh — LiveJournal
Angels bleed from the tainted touch of my caress
Picking at nails...
I need a manicure. Oh well.

Prevailing Condition: contemplative contemplative

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crimsonfleur From: crimsonfleur Date: December 31st, 2003 04:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
quit picking at your nails then :-P
darkman424 From: darkman424 Date: December 31st, 2003 04:37 pm (UTC) (Link)


I guess I'll just have to paint over them.
coldspaghetti From: coldspaghetti Date: December 31st, 2003 09:09 pm (UTC) (Link)

Go get a manicure then!

It's not like there are no nail salons in our area. ;)
darkman424 From: darkman424 Date: January 2nd, 2004 09:06 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Go get a manicure then!

Yeah, I know. I just need to find one that is good and cheap.
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