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Color me Red....Blood Red...


Your Sexual Energy is Red!

You are on fire, and it is no wonder, because you have a naturally hot libido.
Your sexuality erupts spontaneously.
And when you are hot, you seek release as quickly as possible.

In bed, you know how to turn your lover on. How could you not?
You are a wild woman when you get it on.
You will fondle and lick and stroke and suck to get you want you want.

Only some people can handle your eagerness in bed, but those who can will never stray.
You have the sexual appetite of a man with the stamina of a woman.
It often feels like you could have a zillion orgasms.

Your way of picking up lovers-to-be is no less outrageous.
You will often go out on a limb in public to lure someone into bed.
And you succeed easily, as many people are turned on by your aggressive flirting.

Your sexual goal for self-improvement should be to learn how to love the little things in romance.
You can learn to embrace the sensual, lighter pleasures in life...
As much as you already appreciate the raw, physical aspects of sex.

Madonna and Christina Aguilera both have red sexual energies full of passion and brilliance.

Be sure to check out people who have outcomes of yellow, green, and pink, as they are pristine matches for you.

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