January 12th, 2004


Ok, YAWN...time for sleep...

Why do we need to sleep, what gives? I want to keep going, I feel like I miss things, and that I can't get everything I want to do done and I mean, want to do, not *HAVE* to do.

I'm talking about learning another language, designing and sewing clothes, making glass etchings, making ornate furniture out of wood (I know, where the hell would I have space to do that in this place, probably never), paintings, learning to make jewelry (so I could design some really kick ass armor rings), sewing chainmail, learning how to make a proper Japanese sword (A real one, that could slice a replica in half with barely a scratch. We're talking 200 fold kind), all these things I want to do.

I just need to make time, that's all. Make real time to do these things.
[Stepping down off soap box]
Now I am going to nap. Goodnight, and as always, thanks for reading.
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Human for sale...

Human for sale, slighty worn, tarnished, broken but glued back together...worth exactly: $1,383,030.00.

I'm worth exactly: $1,383,030.00. According to http://www.humanforsale.com

And that makes me only $435,096.00 below average. Oh well, I'm broken, what can I say.

But I'd make a great find at a yard sale! ;)
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