February 9th, 2004


Ugh! Finally a real update...

Ok, I have been neglecting this. So here's an update. Remember my nice manicured nails? Oh wait, maybe I didn't post this here... Ok, before and after:
Collapse )
And....as always, yes, they are real.

Time for a new manicure.
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Low Carb Pizza

Chicago being one of the few places in the US that uses fresh sausage on thier pizzas, vs most places that use frozen sausage, A local joint, Lou Malnatis is making these low carb pizzas. They replace the crust with sausage and make the pizza on top. It was pretty kewl. Tasted good to me.

Anyway, I know, I'm going to get flak from the veggie people, sorry, but I am a known carnivore. Deal with it. ;)
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