August 26th, 2006


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So, I finally have scrapped Internet Explorer. I have gotten fed up with all the security holes in the program. Allowing trojans and Spyware to automatically install.
Just Thursday evening, I discovered a weird program running on my system that my Adaware, Spybot, Norton Spyware, and Norton Internet Security did not see a problem. C:\WINDOWS\system32\nvsvcd.exe
I flagged it and submitted it anyway to Symantec. They responded that it was a new Trojan Downloader. (If you have Norton Antivirus, don't fret, they are now aware of it and if you download your updates like you're supposed to, it will detect it)

Anyway, I am really careful, and yes, I do occasionally go to hacker sites that can compromise my system, so I guess it's really my own fault. Anyway, I have switched to FireFox. Much better security and difficult for hackers/spyware to get in.

So, if it wasn't for the fact that I am a tech, and know how to identify these weird programs manually, who knows how long it could have been doing things on my system.

... Bother! said Pooh and then he deleted his source code.
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Wireless Security

Just a note to anyone who might read this, good guidelines to protecting your wireless network.

If you are using a wireless router or access point.

1 - Make sure your give it a unique SSID, DO NOT use default name
2 - Change the administrator password. Any good hacker already knows all the default passwords.
3 - Turn on WPA encryption. (If you don't have WPA, update your Firmware) In the very least enable WEP, it's not as secure as WPA but it's better than nothing.

This is, by far, not everything you can do to secure your wireless network, but it's a start.