August 29th, 2006


For the deep thinkers

The Mind is a Metaphor
A Database of Eighteenth-Century Metaphors of Mind

This collection of eighteenth-century metaphors of mind is part of ascholarly study of the metaphors and root-images appealed to by thenovelists, poets, dramatists, essayists, philosophers, belle lettrists,preachers, and pamphleteers of the eighteenth century. While thedatabase does include metaphors from classical sources, from Shakespeareand Milton, the King James Bible, and more recent texts, it does notpretend to any depth or density of coverage in literature other thanthat of the British eighteenth century.

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Interests Collage

Well, you may have seen it around, and it's gone now. Well, here is the new version. It looks and feels the same, but there are major changes behind the scenes. The changes I made should not "overload" Yahoo's servers. However, there is a limit on how much the software can hit the Yahoo servers, and I know it will quickly reach the limit each day. BUT, Yahoo resets the limit every 24 hours. So, if it doesn't work, check back in 24.

I have also created different versions for several different journals. Here are the links:

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