September 11th, 2006


According to the House of Yawey

Prophecy— Nuclear War Will Start September 12, 2006
Why aren't the religions warning the world about this horrible great tribulation? Notice the prophet's writing:

I don't personally believe this stuff, but, I just want to see what they say after the 12th comes and goes and nothing happens.

iPods & MP3 players the decline of conversation

Ever notice all the people walking around with their ears plugged with music? Even whole groups of friends, walking along with their iPods and MP3 players.
Groups of friends, that while walking could have meaningful conversations about all kinds of things, expanding their horizons. Instead everyone walking along, not talking.

I admit, that from time to time, I too have my MP3 player thoroughly cranked and listening to my favorite tunes.

Friends you haven't seen in ages hollering your name because they saw you on the street, and you can't hear them, because you're immersed in your music.
Even soldiers are wearing their music into combat. Not knowing that someone is shooting at them until a bullet ricochet's off something that they notice.

No, not everyone is like that. There are the other end of the spectrum, the cell phone talkers. The ones that talk on the phone constantly, but at the same time, buried in conversation.

Perhaps, we should take one day, and just listen to the world around us. Just listen.

Chinglish, it's what's for dinner

Warning, these poor translations come out as profanity. So, if it offends, do not click the links.

Fried Cabbage with Shrimp (in Chinese)

Whole menu poorly translated:

The problem arises because in certain area of China (actually mainly across the strait in Taiwan first), "dry/dried" has the same pronounciation as "f*ck" and shared the same character in the simplified Chinese -- they probably used babelfish to do a mechanicaltranslation.

Details about how this happens: