September 12th, 2006

ClawAnim - Double your chances of getting a job - BS!

From their website as of today: It's a fact. When you post your
resume, you double your chances of getting the interview and the job.*
It's fast, easy and free.

More like double your chances of getting SPAM!

In my 4 months of unemployment I was on, yes, looking, updating, applying and all I got for my efforts on there was daily emails from all kinds of companies, all with the following gist:

"I saw your resume, and think you will be perfect for our company.... Doing SALES!"

Nowhere on my resume does it say that I have EVER done sales. It wasn't until I removed my resume from their site that I stopped getting those emails.

I still get occasional emails from the companies that got my email address from there emailing me about sales jobs.

believe me, you DON'T want me selling your products, unless I love them. Otherwise, I will tell the customers what I actually think and not sell a thing.

I was a PC Tech for Best Buy many years ago, before the Geek Squad scandals. (if you hadn't heard read this)
I was there to advise customers and repair their machines. They were short on floor sales staff for the computers area. The manager asked me to go over and help.
I told him that he didn't want me there, because I only recommend products I think are good, and meet the customers needs, not trying to sell them the top of the line computer for $3000, when all they need is the $400 computer because, really, all they plan to do is surf the web and send emails.

Now, if someone says they plan to play 3D games or do high end graphics work, then yes, I would recommend a higher end computer, but most of these people already know what they are looking for, because they know what it requires.

End Mini-rant II

Reborn - Ambien awakens persistent vegetative state victims

We have always been told there is no recovery from persistent vegetative state - doctors can only make a sufferer's last days as painless as possible. But is that really the truth? Across three continents, severely brain-damaged patients are awake and talking after taking ... a sleeping pill. And no one is more baffled than the GP who made the breakthrough. Steve Boggan witnesses these 'strange and wonderful' rebirths,,1870279,00.html

Now, what about the people that have recently pulled the plug on loved ones in this state?
What about the family members that were against pulling the plug, can they now sue the other family members?