September 20th, 2006


Well, crap not really been updating on my life recently.

Ok, well, I'm a big movie fan. Seen quite a few movies as of late, unfortunately, they are not really fresh in my memory.

Let's see,

Hollywoodland, 'Based on a true story', yes, that's accurate. I really didn't like it, It was more of the story behind the PI that was investigating the death. It gave 4 viable explanations as to what happened, with one being suicide, ' the official police explanation' and three that he was murdered by different people, all of which had motives. There was no resolution, they never said this is what happened. I suppose they really couldn't since the official story is suicide. Oh, and I am pretty alone when it comes to the movie, most people liked it.

I just decided to break these into different posts. Easier for people to comment on. ;)