darkman424 (darkman424) wrote,

Blood Diamond

Tonight, we saw a special screening of Blood Diamond. Due to hit theaters Dec 15th.

Security was crazy for this. The movie is about a conflict-diamond smuggler, Leonardo DiCaprio, a father trying to reunite his torn family in Sierra Leone, Djimon Hounsou, and a reporter, Jennifer Connelly, basically, it's about the conflict-diamond trade and how it's tearing apart countries in Africa.

The movie was loooooong. Dragged in so many places. Lot's of walking. Jennifer was good, Leo, not so much, he kept changing accents and he made his typical crying face at one point. Djimon, was good.

There was much violence, tons of civilians being shot, even being shot by children and children doing drugs. I know it's trying to shock the audience into the reality of what people are going through over there, but I think better details can be found on one of those blood-diamond shows on the discovery channel. As elspethnoir pointed out, that the amount of violence was excessive, to the point that it almost desensitized the audience, instead of getting the point of the horrors.

I liked the message they were trying to get across, but not in the fashion they used. This movie is still classified as a work in progress, so I am sure, based on the questionnaires we filled out, that they will be reediting the film before release, so all this could be completely off, compared to the final film.

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