darkman424 (darkman424) wrote,

Eat a hissing Madagascar cockroach and get to the front of the line

It appears that all Six Flags theme parks are offering a contest during opening weekend, that if you eat a live hissing Madagascar cockroach, you win a front of the line pass. they said it's only going on for opening weekend of Fright Fest.
I also saw on one of the many articles that the contest was only during 1 hour each day, however, no one seems to mention when this hour is. Details about the Chicagoland local Six Flags here: http://www.sixflags.com/parks/greatamerica/ParkPress/Roaches.html

I could do this, already ate a scorpion.

There is also going to be a boiled cockroach eating contest on Friday the 13th against the world record holder here in Gurnee, to win season passes for next year.

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