darkman424 (darkman424) wrote,

160 MegaPixel Digital camera

While this new camera has massive MegaPixels, it's not going to practical, even for professionals.

This camera boasts 160 MegaPixels, 640x480 pixel screen, the images are 300MB Raw, 922MB uncompressed Tiff.
Storage is not the issue, it comes with a mini mac computer designed to be carried in a backpack, with a gigabit ethernet network cable to download the images.

Also it features the fact that it does a 16x7 widescreen aka panoramic picture.
The camera itself weighs in at a little over 6 lbs.

Here is a picture from the manufacturers website. It looks nice, a little wider than a normal camera, but what can you expect for this kind of camera.

A little too big, even for a professional.

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