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foot ok, not broken

Ok, I arrived at the doctors office and find out I still had no insurance, fought on the phone with my insurance BCBS of IL for an hour, got them to fax my doctor proof of insurance, I finally saw the doctor, who sent me to xray. Came back, showing no fractures. WHew! But, I am still having problems.

So, they upped my Celebrex to 400mg per day, (I was already on 200mg per day for my knees) and you know what? It's still not cutting it. They told me to call them for a referral to a pediatrist in a week, if it is not better. I'll give it until Monday morning.

/SIGH - See, how fun being drunk on NYE at a night club can be. ;) (I'd do it all over again, I'd just watch me step more next time) ;)

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