darkman424 (darkman424) wrote,

Oh where, oh where, has Darkman424 gone...

Been working on many projects, plus the 12 hour days at work take up much of my time.

New additions coming soon to the apps like my Interests Collage and Last Images:
TDR Ultimate Barcode Generator : With customizable colors (almost done)

Improved Friends Collage (almost done)

and this one I need help with...
Custom Sign Generator - like these: Church Signs and McDonalds Sign

I need good pics of signs to make customizable.
I don't want to use signs these other sites are using. So, if you find one online, or even take a picture yourself, I need it to be straight on, with the kind of text that they can swap around.
So, please post them here.

Anyway, I am reading posts, just not posting myself.

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