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Psycho quizes of the day....

Nothing shocking here

You're Pinhead. Yeah, yeah, you're everyone's
favorite. You're a BDSM fantasy, and you're
creepy to boot.

Which Hellraiser Character Are You?
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Jeffery Dahmer
Dahmer would be proud. You like to go after little
boys, sometimes eating them and keeping their
bodies in your basement.

What Kind of Serial Killer Will You Be?
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WOO! Pinhead Theme....
You're Pinhead. As the head of the Church of
Sorrow, you are an excellent leader. You know
how to keep your minions under control (whether
by fear or respect), and conversely, keep them
happy by giving them what they want. You
personify the perfect mixture of fear and
adoration. Just as pain and pleasure are
indivisible in your doctrine, so are those two
qualities in your followers.

Which Cenobite are you? (includes pictures)
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Doesn't really fit in this entry, but what the hell...
Depressed Goth
You're a Depressed Goth! Your choice of the unconventional & darker things
in life allows you to excape from this cold &
uncaring world

What Type Of Goth Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Yeah, yeah, this quiz sucked, way to predictable..
You are Pinhead from Hellraiser, your just one
little hellion aren't you. Making havoc for
others and loving every minute of it. Your so

Which Horror Movie Killer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
So much for being a hero...
Tough guy- hey youre the tough guy- or gal- usually
the best gal pal or jock boy friend (who for
some reason thinks hes invincable) of the lone
survivor- your extremely loyal and truly care
for your friends welfare- you've had enough of
watching your bud or significant other cry and
its time to kick some ass- there fore you'll
challenge the bastard to a fight- one which
you'll lose but hey it was a valiant effort on
your part

would you survive a horror movie?
brought to you by Quizilla
That's all folks...

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