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Well, FINALLY, I got to watch Coyboy Bebop, the movie.

It was actually really good. They had time to go into the backgrounds and show sides of the characters that we did not have time to see in the tv series. It was nice.

Favorite Characters are Ed and Faye, Spike is close, but not a fav.

Faye just has a tomboyish quality, but is still all woman. I like that.
Ed, now *SHE* is great, best way to describe her is a Malkavian Computer wiz. (without being a vampire) She's just great!

Faye Valentine
You're Faye. She is a sexy bounty hunter lady who
loves money. She lives with Spike, Jet, Ed and
Ein on the BeBop. She has a very mysterious

Which Cowboy Bebop character are you?
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