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Fashion Bomb Saturday 2/7

Ok, went out and saw my friend's band,Fashion Bomb play at the Metro Saturday night. They were the 4th band to play. The first two were ok, one was Gelhead, then came American Motherload, they were better, then finally at Midnight, FB went on.

And they RAWK'D as usual. I am finalizing the MP3s for them and they will be spreading all over any and all file sharing networks. (These guys actually want people to share these!) I am hoping to encode the lyrics in the MP3s so people can see those as well.

Anyway, after the show we went to Trace for the after party, which was already crowded from the people from the other 3 bands, so we bailed and got some food, tried to go back to Trace at 2:45am, they were closing, so, we headed out to Neo til 5am.

It was a good weekend. :)

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