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Fucked up - My Razored Flesh — LiveJournal
Angels bleed from the tainted touch of my caress
Fucked up
Things tonight are really fucked up. Maybe things will be better in the morning.

Prevailing Condition: dying

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bleakronin From: bleakronin Date: April 22nd, 2004 05:54 am (UTC) (Link)

Scourge of Ages...

If you are still plagued by your never yielding illness then it's something that I am all to familiar with. I tend to refer to my chronic bronchitis (when combined with other debilitating ailments) as the Wasting Disease. So my poor friend if that's what is consuming your body then by the fortunes may your god show you mercy.
darkman424 From: darkman424 Date: April 22nd, 2004 03:29 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Scourge of Ages...

They show me the way, but I refuse to see.

So now, I walk down a long hall with sheer curtains. I can see there is something at the end, but cannot make it out. I push through curtain after curtain, each layer peeling back revealing a clearer picture of what's at the end. Alas, I still cannot tell what it is...
coldspaghetti From: coldspaghetti Date: April 22nd, 2004 12:35 pm (UTC) (Link)

"Fucked up" is right.
From: velmonturna Date: April 22nd, 2004 02:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hope everything is okay?
darkman424 From: darkman424 Date: April 23rd, 2004 06:02 am (UTC) (Link)
In good time. Thank you for your concern.
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