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Phantom of the Opera & Stuff

Saw Phantom of the Opera for the first time tonight at the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago (Half a block from my house, no less). It was as wonderful as I expected and then some.

There were many unexpected scenery effects and special effects that were beautiful and surprising. I am glad I did not miss this performance. This run in Chicago ends May 1st. GET YOUR TIXs! DON'T MISS IT!

On another note, in case you may have actually been following my coughing..it's almost gone. Whew! Hopefully for good.

Also, Wed evening, I am getting my first Tat. My middle name. Chikara, meaning Strength, Energy, and Power. (As well as 26+ other definitions similar to those)

Most tattoo parlor's have it just simply listed as Strength.

And in honor of my tattoo, I made a new LJ Icon. Chikara BloodMoon.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll post pics of my tat tonight.

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