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Ok, a real update.

Looking forward to having peeps over tonight for movie night and then off to Neo Night club.

Also, other events from this week:

Tuesday, I got my hair cut. Poor guy, it took him at least 30minutes to do it. No, I did not have it all cut off, just 3-4inches worth, so, it's still down to my ass.

Wednesday, I mentioned earlier that I was getting a tattoo. Well, I did, my first, it's a small Chikara Kanji symbol on my right forearm. Most people see it labeled as Strength at tattoo shops, it actually has about 26 definitions, but the basic gist is Strength, Power, and Energy.

Anyway, was really no big deal, just like getting razor burn. I left room around it so I can later embellish it and make it mine, and not some cookie cutter version that half the world gets tattooed on their body.

Right after I took the bloody bandage off, about an hour after I got the tattoo.

Well, that's it so far. I have a feeling tonight will be a drunken party. We'll see. ;)

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