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The gods must be with me today. On my way to work, I knew I was going to miss my first train, so I planned on catching the second train, well, my pager's time was off by 2 minutes, so I figured I had time, wrong! I missed the second train, so I caught the third and last train. When I got out to the Westmont, I knew I had 30 minutes to wait until the next bus, popped into my favorite tobacco shop, bought some cloves, and headed for the bus stop, and what do you know, here comes the bus, the early bus was running 30 minutes late, so I ended up getting to work around the same time I as if I caught the second train.

After I got in, I found out that the first train was late anyway, and they all missed the bus connection anyway and they had to wait 40 minutes for the next bus. So, it was a good thing *I* was running late. ;)

I know, it's a stupid thing to post about, but hey, it made my day.

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