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Manic Monday

I am so awake it ridiculous. Oh well, another sleepless night. So, I'll do the weekend update.Friday night, went to Champs to see Fashion Bomb with br0k3n_hal0, crimsonfleur, and elspethnoir.We got there when Lockjaw was playing, they were ok, not great. Then 9mm came on, they rocked. Will have to keep an eye on them and see where they are playing next. While all this was going on, we saw the boys and said our hellos. Os asked elspethnoir to take pictures with his digital camera. Then the bomb got up to play, they sounded good, as usual, although it was very humid. Later talking with Val, we found out they were having technical difficulties, their monitors kept cutting out, and the bar cut them short so they had to drop two songs. I seriously doubt if they will play there again. But, I can't wait until their next local gig.Afterward, the we went up to some local dive called Brandy's, had breakfast, and headed home.Saturday and Sunday were lazy days.Ugh, and now they are doing maintenance on my lj cluster, so my database is in read only mode. *sigh* I'll have to post this later.

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