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Drunken revelry

So, my sister in law was in town last night, so a group of us went out drinking. We drank for close to 6 hours and ran up a $400+ tab. That's alot of alcohol!

Finally we all started going our separate ways and we ended up in Union Station to put my sis in law on the train home and what do you know, the guy I helped get money for ticket home one morning a couple of days ago was there. And guess what, he had a different story and didn't acknowledge me from before and wanted more money. We confronted him on asking for money the other time and he became rude and started swearing at us. He ended up hoping in a cab to elude us. So much for me feeling good about helping someone out. If I see him again, he's going to take a swim in the river.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I was out of it for most of the day. I think I am finally getting over the drinking binge last night. ;)

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