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More recaps

Ok, recapping the past few days....

Tuesday night, went and saw the Pixies with elspethnoir and our friend Rik at the Aragon Ballroom. Now, I don't consider myself a Pixies fan, but there are a few songs I like, and all the other ones elspethnoir has made me listen to over the years. But anyhoo, they rocked pretty good. They played nothing but classics, no new material. It was great. The only thing was that the place was very hot. Oh, and the opening band, the Coctails were bizarre to say the least. They kept playing musical chairs by swapping instruments with eachother throughout the set. One guy even played a wood saw.

Wednesday, I was in a bad place, and things did not improve for a few days and for the most part were resolved on Friday.

Friday night, went out to see my friends' band Fashion Bomb at Double Door. Met up with crimsonfleur and br0k3n_hal0, and ran into xiolablux, always nice to see her, and littleweirdgirl. Chatted with the boys of the bomb for a while and Val hooked me up with a drink. ADD opened and were ok, not great, but that was the first time hearing them, I guess they would be a band that would grow on me. I did like their sound though. Egostatic was next, I have seen them open for several bands before and they never have really done much for me. Finally the bomb came on and they officially introduced their new guitarist, Acid, who replaced Os in the lineup. Val was wearing a kewl jacket with pointy shoulders, almost like horns and these rad pointy gloves. They rocked as usual. (So what else is new) ;) Then Marazene (sorry, don't have their link) came on and we moved up to the upper deck to sit. I'm not sure if I had heard them before, but we got tied up in conversation, so I didn't really listen to them much.
Afterwards, we went to the Fashion Bomb after party at Exit. It was a mad house. It was so packed, it was very hard to move, let alone get to the bar to get a drink. Turns out that it was also Mistress Maya's birthday celebration there as well. We ended up sqeezing into the back booth upstairs with Val and his brother, later Acid joined us. It was quaint and cozy. 3:30 rolled around and they closed the bar. We got home around 4am and went to sleep.

Saturday, I just slept most of the day recooping from the week before.

Sunday, was filming day, one of elspethnoir's class projects involves shooting a movie several of the scenes were in a building, and I have been recruited to play a body guard. Hmmm, can we say, type casting. ;) Just stand there silent and menacing, until your fight scene. People started arriving at Noon, and let's just sum up and say, the last people left close to Midnight. It was a long day, and we didn't even get to the fight scenes. Fortunately, the guys helped put all of our furniture back that they moved out of our living room before they left. Oh, yeah, and I ran out of cloves. :(

Das ist alles.

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