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Movie mania

Saw two movies recently. 

Monday night I saw National Treasure it was ok, not great.  I have seen better films, and how the main character is able to link clues together is a little too easy.
But, I would say it'd still be worth while to see it on the big screen, maybe in the second run theaters.

Last night I saw Alexander directed by Oliver Stone.  It was a 3 hour movie.  The costuming was excellent, but the plot dragged several times, they also cut out the full frontal nudity that everyone kept talking about, sorry ladies, you only get to see Colin Farrell's ass.  Also there was a flash back sequence that could have easily been put in earlier in the movie where it belonged, considering the movie starts with Alexander as a young child.  But, as elspethnoir pointed out, it's an Oliver Stone-ism.
This movie is only worth seeing on the big screen for some of the big battle scenes, which are actually not that frequent, so yeah, wait for the second run theaters again, and only go if you have the patience to sit through a 3 hour movie.

So anyway, I was kinda disappointed in both films.  I'm glad we only had to pay for National Treasure.

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