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Blad Trinity

I saw Blade Trinity last night. I would classify it more as a comedy than anything. It had a few good action sequences but like I said alot of sarcastic humor. Parker Posey was kinda cute as a vampire, but I kept waiting for her to say, 'I'm going to lob your dick off. Like a chicken head.' (I may have the your confused with a his, but bonus points if you know what movie that's from, if you don't then, you need to go rent it)

Ryan Reynolds, played one of Blade's helpers and his character completely reminded me of Banky Edwards from Chasing Amy.

Ok, now, Dominic Purcell, who played Drake, aka Dracula, was a little robotic, his lines came out awkward and how they killed him off was a little too easy. I mean, come on, he is the progenitor of the entire vampire line and to quote the movie and previews 'He was born perfect. He did not have to evolve.' Not to mention that he seemed to be following Parker Posey's character around, he was almost like one of her thugs. He referred to the other vampires as mere shadows of him, so why bother doing anything for them. He should be worshiped.

Ok, enough ranting. The movie was ok. I was mildly disappointed, but I did not expect much from it to begin with. So, I would still give it enough credit to view it in a second run theater.

*Edit: How does a 3000 year old vampire that has been sleeping all this time speak/understand english?

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