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My Razored Flesh

Angels bleed from the tainted touch of my caress

3 September
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A Quote

Used to be an avid WoW player.
My first toon: (now on Doomhammer US)
Natscha - 41 Lock

My Main and alts on Archimonde US:

Feeby - 29 Rogue Feuersturm - 29 Mage

カ, a clockwork orange, absinthe, aion, allison harvard, angelina jolie, ankhs, anubis, armor rings, army of darkness, art, astrology, bast, bats, bipolar, black, black cats, black eyeliner, black nailpolish, blood, bloodplay, body modification, boots, bram stoker, cats, chicago, claws, cleavage, cloves, clubbing, clubs, computers, cooking, corsets, dark ages, dark music, darkness, depeche mode, doom generation, downtown chicago, dracula, dragons, drinking, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, edward scissorhands, egyptology, elizabeth bathory, erotica, exit chicago, eyeliner, eyes, fairies, fairuza balk, fangs, fetishes, fight club, finger armor, fireplaces, garbage, gargoyles, gary oldman, ghosts, gore, goth, goth girls, gothic beauty, gregg araki, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, halloween, handfasting, hellraiser, horror, industrial, kidney thieves, las vegas, leather, lightning, long hair, long nails, magick, marilyn manson, marquis de sade, metro, ministry, movies, mythology, natural born killers, neo, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, nosferatu, numerology, occult, pagans, partying, photography, photophobia, piercings, pinhead, poetry, polyamory, projekt, rain, rammstein, ravenblack, requiem for a dream, risk, rose mcgowan, serial killers, sewing, sex, shinto, sin, skinny puppy, smoking, south park, storms, suicide girls, tarantino, tarot, tattoos, the princess bride, the professional, the smiths, this mortal coil, thunderstorms, tim burton, type o negative, vampire hunter d, vampires, vamprism, vinyl, vlad tepes, vodka, whiplash, world of warcraft